We are the first beauty salon in Torbay to become part of the green salon collective.  This was one of our highlights from 2021!

Nothing to landfill!  How amazing is this!

Unfortunately our industry produces a lot of waste… the most damaging is the nail dust, as it never breaks down being a micro plastic.  

Now luckily it can be turned into energy and sent back into the national grid.

A few more bits!

All PPE is burnt and generated into electricity along side all tint and lash lift waste!

All the disposable towels used in our pedicure service are turned into compost

Green salon collective have also partnered with, First Mile, to handle the tedious task of sorting these plastics, most of which are product bottles, coffee cup lids, carrier bags and PPE. 

There are some plastics, however, that cannot be recycled for any number of reasons but this material will be used to generate energy and not be sent to landfill. 

They ensure that each type of plastic becomes a useful material for other processes, some of which involves creating salon products like combs and colour bowls.

Though GSC currently enables salons to close the loop on their plastic waste, its future objective is to find industry-specific closed loop solutions for each plastic type it handles.


If you like anymore information, please just ask on your appointment.  Alongside this there’s also the education we turn into monthly to see what’s new and what other ideas they’ve come up with for our waste!

On top of this all products used in the salon are vegan & cruelty free and all cleaning products are eco friendly!

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