Nail Shaping Course

You will learn how to create beautiful nail shapes on all types of nails. 

You will learn the characteristics of the three most common natural nail types and 10-step salon filing technique.

How to determine the best nail shape depending on finger length and nail size,

All about which files to use, 100grit, 180 grit… etc..

10 step salon filing technique that’s a game changer and will reduce your timings,

5 most popular shapes and their filling techniques,

Other popular shapes (competition shapes)

 After training if not already added, you will be added to the Lisa Kon support page.

Lunch is included on the day.

All training is fully accredited by TowerGate.


Deposit on booking.


8 Hours. Completed in one day.


Lisa Kon Nail Shaping Course.

Trainee's Review's

Emma Peoples
Celistal Beauty
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Zoe is a fab trainer,I lost confidence with nails, now look at these beauties!! I have trained in Russian manicure and Lisa kon. I wouldn’t look back. Such a beautiful range of colours to. I now look forward to be doing my job.
Laura Bench
Gel me Beautiful
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I trained originally with a different company which wasn't the best admittedly. I followed zoe and her incredible work and when the Lisa kon range kept popping up in my newsfeed I got to a point where curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to be as good as zoe! Still a way to go before I'm as good as her but I cannot fault zoe's training. Absolutely top notch and unlike alot of courses out there, you are not stuck to rigid timings. So you work until you feel confident and if that takes longer than the time she has set aside that's no issue because she wants you to feel confident when you leave.
Lauren Haggerty
Nails by Lauren
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I’ve trained with Zoe and kerri and had an amazing experience with them both. They are such brilliant teachers. They were there to help and support me through my journey and still are today. Cannot recommend them enough.
Lucy Afful
LA Nails
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I would like to say how happy I am that I chose to train with Zoe in the Lisa Kon courses and products for my new career as a nail tech. The training days are so informative, professional and I have had so much support from Zoe even after I had finished my training with her. I have met some lovely girls along the way, I would definitely recommend her and her company to anyone who is thinking of training and qualifying in this field. I am now successfully working and running my own business with clients that are very happy with the Lisa Kon products. Thank you Zoe!
Michelle Sayer
Nails by Michelle
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I was a late starter in the nail business, a mature student so they say! However, all my nerves and worries were soon washed away by Zoe who even before training gives you confidence to take that step. Zoe's passion and drive is very apparent during training along with her love for Lisa Kon products. The training is relaxed, very informative and at a pace to suit you. The ongoing support you receive after is just as amazing. I would highly recommend the training programmes through the Lisa Kon Training Academy 🧡
Taneha Watson
Stephanies Beauty Salon
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I first trained with Zoe prior to the first lockdown. As soon as I walked in I was welcomed and put at ease. I was so excited to learn something new, and something that everyone was talking about! Zoe is an amazing teacher, there is nothing she couldn’t answer and I picked her brains about everything! She was so helpful and continues to be helpful not only just to me but everyone else in the support group. So if you are thinking about switching brands or even wanting to learn something new and up your nail game, I would definitely recommend it. It was the best thing I have done. A year in and I have been fortunate enough to earn my place as a brand ambassador.
Lisa Kon Beginners Gel Manicure Course Torquay
Nail Shaping Course Torquay - Lisa Kon


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