Zoe Lavender Beautician

Well known and popular beautician based in Torquay. We have offered a large range of treatments for clients in Torquay, Paignton, Brixham and Newton Abbot since 2006. From manicures and pedicures to lash treatments and brows and everything in between. Our salon (with on-site parking) is located in Edginswell, Torquay so is quick and easy to get to from the surrounding areas.

Not only do we provide clients with treatments we are also a beauty training academy. Fully accredited and insured. We offer a number of different classes. One to one, group or in-salon visit for salon owners who wish to train multiple students at the same time. For more information on beauty training courses, please see here.

We’re proud to announce for 2021 that we are now an Eco-Salon! All of our waste (including nail dust!) is collected correctly and recycled. For more information on what we have done, see Eco-Salon.


We offer a full range of treatments from our salon based in Torquay. From Pedicures to Manicures, Lash and Brow treatments to the the Cyro Pen and many more in between. All undertaken by skilled and qualified beauticians, fully accredited and insured. 

Book your beauty treatment easily online. Use our booking system to find a day and time that suits you. Book online today.

We are the first beauty salon in Torbay to become part of the green salon collective. This was one of our highlights from 2021!

Nothing to landfill! How amazing is this!

Unfortunately our industry produces a lot of waste… the most damaging is the nail dust, as it never breaks down being a micro plastic. Now luckily it can be turned into energy and sent back into the national grid.

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All fully accredited with TowerGate. We offer a range of different teaching beautician classes for you to enhance your skills and offer clients a better range of services. Teaching can be done as one to one, group or in-salon teaching. 

Our courses include:

Training academy based in Torquay. Option available for us to visit you in your own salon. Contact us for more information.

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